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Upgrade Your Ride: CoolChange Bike Bag with Phone Mount & Rainproof Design

Upgrade Your Ride: CoolChange Bike Bag with Phone Mount & Rainproof Design

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Experience the ultimate in convenience and protection with our CoolChange Bike Bag & Phone Mount.   Securely attach this bag to your bike frame for easy access to your essentials.  The clear, touch-compatible TPU phone mount allows for easy navigation and media control while keeping your phone protected from the elements thanks to the hard shell and waterproof zipper.  Enjoy convenient hands-free use of your phone with the HOME-fingerprint identification button.  Crafted from durable PU nylon and featuring an integrated EVA shell, this bag ensures lasting protection for your belongings. Upgrade your ride with this  versatile, user-friendly, and weatherproof bike bag.

Material: PU Nylon

Process: integral EVA forming

Touch screen film: TPU

Features: Hard shell rainproof material, waterproof zipper

HOME-fingerprint identification button, no need to take out the phone to unlock.

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Product parameters





One bag for dual-use

Top tube bag and handlebar bag can be switched at will


12026_04 12026_05


Fingerprint unlock



TPU touch screen

TPU material, fit the phone screen, higher sensitivity




 EVA hard shell material taped zipper, better waterproof performance


12026_11 12026_12

Large capacity



Edging design and LOGO reflective




Thick phone bag HOOk&LOOP

Thicker protective sponge HOOk&LOOP, better protection

for mobile phones




Clamshell design

Personalized clamshell design, convenient for items to take




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