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Set the Mood: Magic Pony Soy Tin Candles

Set the Mood: Magic Pony Soy Tin Candles

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Magic Pony Tin Candles Transform your space with the ambiance of our Magic Pony Tin Candles! These beautiful, hand-poured tins come in your choice of 4oz or 8oz sizes, perfect for creating an intimate or expansive aromatic experience. Made with natural coconut soy wax and lead-free wicks, they burn clean and long-lasting (mention average burning time). Unleash your inner interior designer and choose from 3 elegant tin colors (mention colors) to match your décor. But the magic doesn't stop there! Select your perfect scent from our captivating range: invigorating evergreen, rich fresh coffee, tropical mango coconut, calming spa retreat, or timeless vanilla bean. Fill your home with the captivating fragrance of your choice. Experience the beauty and customization of our Magic Pony Tin Candles!

.: Natural, hand-poured coconut soy wax in a tin-plated steel vessel
.: Lead and zinc-free cotton wick
.: Size: 4oz vessel (3.7oz wax) and 8oz vessel (6.9oz wax)
.: Choose between 5 beautiful fragrances and 3 tin colors
.: Average burn time: 20 hours (4oz), 40 hours (8oz)
.: Hand-poured in the USA

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