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Magnetic Food Film Dispenser with Cutter, Aluminum Foil and Stretch Film Cutting Box, Kitchen Storage Accessory

Magnetic Food Film Dispenser with Cutter, Aluminum Foil and Stretch Film Cutting Box, Kitchen Storage Accessory

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Transform your kitchen organization with our Magnetic Food Film Dispenser! Featuring a sleek cutter and storage box, this dispenser makes handling aluminum foil and stretch film a breeze. The built-in cutter offers clean, precise cuts, eliminating the frustration of tangled plastic wrap. With its magnetic back, easily attach it to any metal surface for convenience and accessibility. Enhance your kitchen functionality and say goodbye to clutter with this essential accessory, perfect for busy cooks and organized kitchens.


Multi Purposes: Wrap Dispenser is an essential accessory to keep your kitchen running smoothly, multipurpose, able to hold saran wrap, waxed parchment, and aluminum foil.

Ready to Use: Wrap Dispenser is able to create an airtight space by pressing your finger along the edge of the food, a saran wrap dispenser for easy food prep or storage of leftovers is very simple to operate.

Materials Excellent in Quality: Wrap Dispenser is able to last a long time in the home with excellent impact resistance, is durable, healthy, environmentally friendly, and made of high-quality material.

Adjustable Dimension: Wrap Dispenser is convenient and adjustable, suitable for the size of 15-30cm/5.91-11.81in saran wrap, able to be multi-purpose and the size can be adjusted.

Domestic Accessories: Wrap Dispenser is an innovative slider cutter, waterproof, dustproof, and oilproof, effectively avoiding waste, a kitchen wrap organizer.


Product: Food Film Dispenser

Use for: Plastic Wrap, Foil, Baking Paper

Quantity: 1pcs

Material: Plastic

1. Normal Style:(Just food film dispensers. Can be placed on a table, handheld, or placed in a kitchen drawer.)
2. Sucker type (can be adsorbed on a smooth wall, or placed on a table, handheld, or in a kitchen drawer.)
3. Magnetic Style:(The food film dispenser has a magnetic stripe on the back and can be adsorbed on refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, etc.)


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